Personalized Pet Paw and Nose Print Keepsakes

Pet Paw Print Keepsakes

Dog paws, cat paws, any paws! Whatever kind of pet is part of your family, you can preserve their tender paw print to always remember and honor them. Trusted companion, loyal friend, playful rascal...your pet is part of your family. Celebrate your pet's uniqueness with a custom keepsake made with their very own paw print.

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How do I get the paw print to you?

You only need a photo!


Take a photo

Getting a good print photo is crucial to achieving a high quality keepsake.  No messy ink or paint - simply locate your pet in a well-lit area, make sure your photo is in focus, and snap a pic (or five)! Treats highly encouraged and a helper is very useful!


Build Keepsake

Choose from a collection of keepsakes – from nose and paw print artwork, to pillows and ornaments.  A one-time fee will apply to custom pet prints; once it has been digitized, it will be on file and you can use it for other keepsake products.


Display at Home

Incorporate your pet in your decor to show off your pet obsession! Spruce up your dog room or personalize your dog's eating area with a unique paw print keepsake. And you'll always have a special reminder of your furry family member.

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What if I can't get a photo?

Alternate Options

Sometimes we lose our pets unexpectedly, and sadly you might not have had the chance to get a good nose or paw photo.  You can still create a beautiful pet memorial keepsake.  Just select the "Stock Print" option to use the paw or nose print shown in the sample photos. Even without your own pet's print you can honor them with a special personalized remembrance.  And if you happen to have an ink print on paper you can use that and sometimes a good print can even be extracted from a clay imprint.


Paw Print Ornament

Celebrate your first or tenth holiday with your pet by hanging a personalized Christmas ornament on your tree. This double-sided first Christmas ornament features your pet's adorable paw.  

Unique Keepsake

Paw & Nose Print

A unique personality and charm - your pet is one-of-a-kind and is part of your family. With a tender nose nuzzle and a paw on your hand, your pet shows how much they love you! Honor these signs of affection by preserving your pet's nose and paw prints.

Made from a Photo

Pet Nose Print

A warm and wet nose nuzzle to wake you up every morning is how your pet shows love! Preserving your pet's nose print in a keepsake art piece and always remember that gentle touch. Every pet has a unique nose print, just like our fingerprints! And every pet leaves a special print on your heart.

Pampered Pet

Paw Print Pillow

Perfect gift idea to pamper your pet! Personalize your pet's bed with an extra special custom paw print pillow. You can even use your own pet's paw for the ultimate gift. Your pet will love the soft and fluffypillow, and you'll love the bright and modern design. Choose from a wide range of color selections to match your home decor.


Quality Guarantees


Archival inks and quality materials

Pet print keepsakes are made to last and be cherished for years

Attention to detail at every step

Prints are transferred by hand to capture as many details as possible


Working together to get it right

You'll receive a digital proof approve with unlimited revisions


Stellar customer service

Help with your questions or problems is just a chat box away

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So, you’re obsessed with your pet? Check out these paw print and nose print keepsakes to personalize your dog room decor. Your pet's paw print is unique and belongs just to your cat or dog family member. But what to do with those cute paw prints? Incorporate them into your home decor with paw print wall art or paw print pillows! Such a cute gift for dog owners! This unique pet owner gift is the perfect way to use your pet's nose print or pet paw print as wall decor for your home. Custom dog gifts and memorial keepsakes are a truly thoughtful way to remember your dog, cat or other pet.